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The new UIF domestic legislation requires you as an employer to:

  • Be registered with the UIF Department as an employer.
  • Submit all employees pay details to the UIF Department monthly.
  • Pay 2% of each employee’s gross remuneration to the UIF each month.
  • Provide a detailed payslip to the employee with every payment.
  • Increase each employee’s wage by 8% each year.
  • Provide a contract of employment to each employee.
  • Provide a certificate of service upon termination.
UIF Solutions will:
  • Submit your employee’s details to the UIF Department monthly.
  • Deduct the relevant UIF amount due for all your employees via Debit Order & pay it across on your behalf monthly.
  • Email each of your employee’s payslips to you monthly.
  • Automatically generate a contract of employment.
  • Automatically generate a certificate of service upon termination.
  • Provide a leave facility to track employee’s leave balances.
  • Decipher any calendar variation with regards to pay and calculate the correct amounts on the payslips.
  • Provide a disciplinary action module that recommends a course of action based on CCMA approved transgression outcomes.
  • Visit What We Offer for more details.
The law will catch up with you, register and let us manage this administration hassle for you.

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