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 I Am Interested, Now What?

1. register & login

You must complete the online registration process, involving your relevant details and options as an employer.
Note: In this process you will specify a unique user name and password.
Please retain this information as you will need it to login in the future.

You will also have the following options of payment during this process:


Utilize our secure paperless authorization electronic bank transfer facility. We will arrange your debit order online and the exact UIF contribution amounts will be transferred from our database.

Note: UIF Solutions always debits your account in arrears.

We will record UIF payment history and you may query your payments and receipts at any time. Our monthly service fee will be included in the electronic monthly debit order submission process, ie if your monthly uif contributions amount to R45 and our service fee amounts to  R19 we will debit R64 off your account.


Transfer our annual service fee manually at your leisure, by obtaining our banking details on the site. In this case we can still debit your account monthly for the uif contribution.

Note: if you want to make your own manuall arrangements with regards to uif contributions we will provide you with the relevant uif amount for the month.

The workflow engine will automatically log you in and guide you through the registration process on a step by step basis.

2. setup your employee/s

Specify each domestic worker’s personal and wage details. This process will automatically guide you through 4 small and easy steps:

 · Specify your employee’s personal details on employee profile.
 · Set-up your employee’s weekly work pattern or cycle.
 · Set-up any extra recurring earnings, deductions, or contributions.
 · Set-up your employee leave types in order to track leave balances and apply leave taken.

Note: The above information will be put through our validation process, where the monthly amount of UIF contributions will be calculated and displayed (Calculated at 2% of domestic employee cost).

3. edit view & print your employee payslip

Once these steps have been completed an instant payslip for the first month will be accessible to view without any further delay. You will now be able to apply temporary adjustments while editing your first payslip.
At this point you can click on Create new employee to accommodate a second employee.

4. pay your service fee & UIF contributions (only at month end)

In Step 1 above you specified how you will be paying for both the UIF contributions as well as your UIF Solutions subscription fee.
In this step you must either specify your banking details or transfer the relevant amount, depending on the options chosen during registration.

5. The following functionality will be available as soon as the service fee is received.

 · You need to register your employer profile with the department of labour as a once off exercise using Ufiling to obtain a domestic employer UIF reference number. We can not do this on your behalf anymore.
 · We will pay UIF contributions on your behalf once UIF registration has been confirmed.
 · We will supply the UIF with a monthly declaration specifying any changes to domestic details
 · We will provide you with an automatically generated contract of employment that is customised to your domestic worker’s conditions of service.
 · We will provide you with payslip e-mails weekly or monthly so that you do not need to log onto the site if there is no variation to your payslips.

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